Business and Organizational Purpose

Long before corporate purpose became a buzzword, BCG BrightHouse, a global creative consultancy, pioneered business purpose consulting. We unleash the power of purpose—thewhydriving what you do—to transform your productivity and profitability.

Defining your business purpose is not a creative-writing exercise. And senior leaders cannot craft your organizational purpose at a meeting or purchase it from an agency. We know this because, for a quarter of a century, companies have been turning to us when such efforts fail to deliver better performance.

在BrightHouse,purpose agency建于1995年,由BCG于2015年收购,我们与像你这样的公司合作,以挖掘真正的经营宗旨。然后我们帮助在整个组织中完全激活并嵌入该目的。

Why Does Purpose Matter?





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What Does BCG BrightHouse Bring to Business Purpose?

The field of business purpose consulting has become more crowded in the years since we invented it. But BCG BrightHouse, a purpose agency, is singular in both its perspective and approach.



Truly Unique Perspective

我们的许多客户都设法定义他们的经营宗旨,在其发展中的关键时刻获得组织清晰度,对齐和意义。有些人正在导航大规模business transformation。Others are facing, or are in the midst of, changes in leadership. Still others are at an inflection point in their organization’s trajectory, seeking to turn around or accelerate their business.


目的must then be activated and embedded across the organization—in people andculture, strategy and operations, and branding and communications. Only after implementing purpose throughout your entire organization will your company realize the full impact on its performance.

How Does BCG BrightHouse Help You Excavate and Live Your Business Purpose?

We bring business purpose to life in four stages.

Our Business Purpose Examples

BCG.BrightHouse works with global companies across all industries as well as with local organizations and nonprofits, helping companies define purpose—and boost performance. Examples of our work include the following; more are highlighted onour site

除了BCG Brighthouse之外的商业目的


  • Mission and vision
  • Brand purpose
  • Bold commitments in social impact
  • Change narratives
  • Employer value propositions
  • 营销信息
  • 商业创新

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Business and Organizational Purpose