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Pricing and Revenue Management

By transforming pricing, companies can drive significant value to the bottom line. BCG’s pricing and revenue management consulting teams helps build the capabilities, processes, and mindset that unlock the power of pricing—in good times and bad.

To unleash the power of pricing, companies need a strong internal capability, one that’s fueled by technology—likeadvanced analytics—but rooted inpeopleand processes. They need a test-and-learn culture that moves fast from idea to pilot to scale. They need to continually measure, assess, and improve. Because pricing and revenue management is a contact sport. And the most successful players adapt rapidly, and repeatedly, to maximize value for their customers—and themselves.

How BCG Helps Companies Master Pricing and Revenue Management

Pricing has no textbook solution. Different companies require different pricing methods, strategies, and operating models. We bring functional expertise and cutting-edge data science to the key topics in pricing and revenue management.

  • B2B pricing is all about communicating—and monetizing—the value of your offerings. Our pricing and revenue management consulting experts help companies use the right data to set the best price. Just as importantly, we help prepare the sales force.
  • It’s crucial to know the end consumer: what matters to them, and what influences them to trade up or come back. We help B2C companies understand purchasing behavior and preferences—and use that insight to inform pricing.
  • By combining data,AI, and automation, dynamic pricing lets companies adjust prices rapidly and manage volatility. It also enables them to set prices in hyper-personalized way, adjusting by segment or even by customer.
  • A proven way to spark growth frompricing and mix rather than volume, net revenue management requires a cross-functional, analytics-heavy approach. We help companies prototype, incubate, and industrialize solutions—fast.
  • Across industries, pricing strategies and models are evolving. Case in point: subscription-based services for everything from software to snow removal. Our pricing and revenue management consulting experts help companies assess new models and identify how to adjust.
  • Our pricing consultants help companies apply new lenses—and frameworks—to monetize digital pricing innovation. We help companies align incentives for sales teams, leverage ecosystems, and optimize packaging, so they can capture and accelerate digital value creation.

Our Pricing and Revenue Management Tools and Solutions

Our pricing consulting services combine functional and industry expertise with technology, proprietary resources, new ways of working, and a relentless focus on enablement to help clients master pricing and revenue management.


Without the right data and algorithms, companies can’t truly evolve their pricing methods. BCG X, BCG’s tech build and design unit, helps companies launch their next big bets and enable innovation at scale. Its world-class technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers, and designers enhance our pricing consulting with deep experience in AI and machine learning.

Pricing Catalyst by BCG

一个可定制的、易于使用的软件平台,革命制度党cing Catalyst performs sophisticated pricing analysis and boils down complex data into actionable insights. It provides transparency into pricing activities and opportunities—helping companies to chart and own their pricing strategies.

  • Pricing Tools.我们几个先进的定价与strategi工具c expertise to solve complex pricing challenges. By integrating our powerful B2B and B2C tools into our engagements, we ensure that you receive not just pricing software—but strategic insights.
  • Center for Customer Insights.The Center’s 40-plus specialists combine unique research methods—like purchase pathways and conjoint analysis—with proprietary surveys and databases to help clients better understand their customers and more effectively adjust pricing and revenue management.
  • Pricing Enablement Centers.Pricing isn’t an event—it’s an ongoing process. Our five centers of excellence—in Atlanta, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, and Singapore—host andupskillpricing teams from our clients. By sharing best practices, and through coaching, training, and workshops, we enable clients by empowering them.

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