Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BCG: Our 2023 US Report

BCG’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 2023 US report details how we have held ourselves accountable to our commitment to embrace diverse perspectives, strive for equitable outcomes, and create an inclusive culture.

OurDEI efforts是一个持续的挑战之旅的一部分inequi吗ty, pursue justice, and support inclusivity both within and beyond our firm. We are advancing accountability efforts, and we are measuring, progressing, and deepening our commitment to making BCG the best place for our people to grow and thrive.

Our purpose principles are meant to represent who we are when we are at our best. Our principles are used as a framework to guide discussions, decisions, and behaviors and to evaluate whether we are staying true to our ethos and living our purpose authentically. Hear more from some of our senior leaders about how DEI is intertwined with our purpose principles as a company.

Our Workplace: Exploring Our DEI Data

Increasing diverse representation, experience, and expertise across BCG is a priority—along with supporting BCGers and enabling them to thrive. Our DEI data shows that our investment in diversifying our teams is having a tangible impact on our company. We are proud of the fact that 51% of new hires in 2022 identified as racial or ethnic minorities, and we had one of our most diverse managing director and partner (MDP) promotion classes ever.

Our progress has taken intention and investment of time and resources, but we are still not where we want to be. We continue to build on our efforts to attract and engage high-potential candidates from all backgrounds. We know such individuals bring immense value to the firm, and we remain deeply committed to building an inclusive culture and an equitable company so employees from a wide range of experiences and identities can thrive at BCG.

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

What does “Bringing your whole self to work” really mean in practice? We sought to find out in a series of conversations with BCGers. Read more about their stories below:

Our Work: Accelerating Our DEI Efforts

We aim to identify and address the root causes of systemic inequity in our own business practices and strategies—and we empower our clients to do the same. We drive innovation and create value for clients by expanding access to opportunity throughsupplier diversity.

BCG’s North American中心的包容和公平(CIE)—focused on supplier diversity, access to capital, and next-generation people strategies—is an example of these DEI efforts. Made up of over 250 experts, the CIE works with clients and partners to drive measurable change for various racial, ethnic, and gender groups, as well as the LGBTQ+ community, military service members and veterans, and people with disabilities.

BCG’sBLISS Index(Bias-free, Leadership, Inclusion, Safety, and Support), a data-driven approach to measuring inclusion in the workplace, helps leaders define, measure, and influence DEI, particularly the “I” in inclusion. One key finding from this year's index is that when employees feel DEI programming is a priority in the workplace, the percentage of all employees who are happy increases by 31%, and the number of both women and men surveyed who feel motivated increases by nearly 25%.

Our World: Maximizing Our DEI Impact

Part of our DEI goal is to amplify our impact by using our voice, influence, and philanthropy as a platform to catalyze change outside the firm. To do this, we build coalitions to amplify commitments within industry and invest in diverse communities and customer segments.

At the heart of this effort is a focus on leveraging our expertise, partnerships, and networks—including our strong base of alumni and clients—to accelerate change. One such example is BCG Spark, a program that pairs BCG volunteers with growing minority- and women-owned businesses. Run in partnership with Majira Project, a Boston-based nonprofit, the program has so far supported more than 140 companies and helped to create more than 1,000 jobs.

We also partner with the Southern Communities Initiative, a corporate consortium with the goal of helping to solve endemic challenges facing communities of color in the South. And as a launch partner in Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s Racial Equity at Work certification program, we are taking an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to promoting racial equity across representation, workplace culture, business practices, and investments, and we have been recognized with Black Equity at Work Bronze Certification and Hispanic Equity at Work Plan Approval.

Numerous external and independent organizations have recognized BCG’s commitment to DEI. We are proud to berecognizedfor both the excellence of our work and robust culture we are building.

Explore Our Past DEI Reports

This is our third annual report detailing our DEI efforts. The 2021 and 2022 reports highlight our US DEI data and show our progress over time.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BCG: Our 2023 US Report