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The CEO’s Dilemma: Building Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

Businesses around the globe are facing multiple unprecedented disruptions and an uncertain macroeconomic outlook. In the face of this complexity and volatility, leaders have to build more resilient organizations. They must be ready to turn adversity into opportunity, building sustained competitive advantage to survive long term. In this series, we examine the disruptive forces that are bearing down on business leaders today, so that they can understand where opportunities exist amid the uncertainty.

Leveraging Tech and Digital to Build Resilience

The acceleration of digital adoption underscores the imperative that tech and digital be at the core of resilience strategies. In this edition of BCG’s Executive Perspectives, we explore how leaders should select and sequence the right moves to successfully meet today’s challenges while building for the future.

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Executive Perspectives | Leveraging Tech and Digital to Build Resilience


US Inflation Reduction Act

This recently enacted legislation, which directs nearly $370 billion to climate and energy initiatives, will have profound, far-reaching effects on energy systems, supply chains, policies, and trade, both within the US and across the globe. This funding will drive material changes to multiple industries—including energy, transportation, and manufacturing—and will spur developments in clean tech and other innovation. In this series, we offer a closer look at the key climate and energy features of the US Inflation Reduction Act, examining the implications, opportunities, and growth and value pools it provides, for firms in the years ahead.

Executive Perspectives - US Inflation Reduction Act

War in Ukraine

As the global community mobilizes to address the immense humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is also beginning to come to grips with the far-reaching economic fallout. The war’s direct impact is already being felt in soaring prices for energy and key commodities, disrupted industrial supply chains, and the suspension or closure of Russian operations by multinational companies. Depending on its duration and how it unfolds, the war will intensify the risk of higher sustained inflation and interest rates. It will cause shortages of critical materials, slow global growth, and strain international financial institutions. The strategic implications for global companies are broad and profound.

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BCG Executive Perspectives | War in Ukraine Update

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