The world has changed forever. Organizations that embrace this new reality—and reimagine how to operate in it—will outperform and outlast the competition.

    It’s unclear when the pandemic will come to an end. But its effects on business and society are increasingly clear to leaders everywhere. Topics that were considered almost niche just two years ago—such as hybrid working models, remote-collaboration tools, and employee vaccination status—have risen to the top of executives’ agendas. Even those long-term hallmarks of business strategy, like innovation and resilience, have taken on a new tenor, and new urgency, in today’s uncertain landscape. The business impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching and deeply felt in every industry. The challenge for organizations is to weather the current storm while charting a course for the future. BCG’s insights are intended to help leaders on this journey.

    The CEO’s Dilemma: Transform for Resilience

    BCG Executive Perspectives - CEO Dilemma

    部sinesses around the globe are facing multiple unprecedented disruptions and an uncertain macroeconomic outlook. In the face of this complexity and volatility, leaders have to build more resilient organizations. They must be ready to turn adversity into opportunity, building sustained competitive advantage to survive long term. In this series, we examine the disruptive forces that are bearing down on business leaders today, so that they can understand where opportunities exist amid the uncertainty.

    Creating a Healthier World

    Vaccines are the best chance we have in putting a stop to the pandemic. For this reason, combatting hesitancy and promoting distribution are paramount. But the fight can’t stop there. The pandemic has shown that every organization has a meaningful role to play in bringing about a healthier and more equitable future for all.


    Doing More with Less in Health Care

    Some of BCG's best advice to help provider, payer, biopharma, and medtech executives address the challenges and changes affecting the health care sector.

    部ilding-Health-Tech-Advantage-hero-rectangle (1).jpg

    部ilding Health Tech Advantage

    To deliver superior outcomes at scale, companies need to invest in ecosystems. Forging strong connections with patients and partners will be key.

    The COVID-19 US Vaccine Sentiment Series

    The COVID-19 US Vaccine Sentiment Series

    As the vaccine rollout continues across the United States, BCG is surveying individuals to learn what’s preventing or discouraging people from getting their shots and to uncover the insights that will help business and government chart a path to the postpandemic future.

    Thinkers & Ideas Podcast

    Moonshot with Dr. Albert Bourla

    Dr. Albert Bourla, chairman and CEO of Pfizer, discusses his new bookMoonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible, chronicling the creation of a high efficacy, safe, and producible-at-scale mRNA vaccine within a tenth of the expected time.

    Thinkers & Ideas presents inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with leading thinkers about influential ideas on business, technology, economics, and science. Hosted byMartin Reeves, chairman of theBCG Henderson Institute, andPhilipp Carlsson-Szlezak, global chief economist of BCG.


    Rebuilding Work for the Future

    Perhaps the biggest business impact of COVID-19 has been to show us that the old ways of working aren’t working today. They certainly won’t work tomorrow. It’s high time for organizations everywhere to rethink their business models, talent, operations, and more.

    Decoding Global Talent Collection of Publication and Reports

    Decoding Global Talent

    Making a decision to pursue work abroad is in some ways very individual: a person’s life circumstances, education, and work experience all play into it. But there are larger forces too, including economics and immigration politics.


    The So What from BCG: A Business Strategy Podcast

    From COVID-19 to social inequity, this business strategy podcast series looks around business and social trends and ideas that will disrupt the future.

    Crafting a Long-Term Business Agenda

    prepandemic剧本不会削减它了。部sinesses have to radically reimagine their strategies to account for the formative business impact of COVID-19. They must be ready for whatever challenges and crises lie ahead—and prepared for reinvention in their wake.

    Priorities for the C-Suite in 2022

    Priorities for the C-Suite in 2022

    CEOs face complex disruptions—climate change, rapid advances in technology, and the ongoing pandemic, to name a few. Where should they focus? BCG experts share their thoughts on an agenda for the future.


    BCG Investor Perspectives Series

    What is the impact of the crisis on investors’ expectations for the US economy, the US stock market, and business leaders?

    Meeting Consumer Demands

    What matters most to consumers today? What will matter most tomorrow? Answering these questions is no small feat in such a rapidly changing environment. Businesses that are able to monitor and meet consumer needs will maintain the competitive edge—and build long-term relationships for the future.

    The Consumer Sentiment Series Rectangle

    The Consumer Sentiment Series

    Emerging from the isolation of the past 15 months, US consumers express optimism—some cautiously and others confidently—about resuming their pre-pandemic activities.

    Person holding leaf up in front of cliffside ocean view

    The Future of Sales and Marketing Is Here

    Today, people are spending more time—and more money—online than ever before. Consumers are expecting the quality of their experiences to grow alongside their engagement, and businesses are rising to the challenge.

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