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AI can deliver significant business impact, but companies can maximize its value by taking an end-to-end approach. Weaving together strategy, process redesign, and human and technical capabilities, we create the fabric of an AI-driven organization, enabling the outcomes that drive businesses forward.

AI leaders—the companies remaking industries—don’t just use AI. They’re fueled by it. And asgenerative AIbrings the power of AI to more businesses, the ranks of AI leaders are poised to grow. But getting there requires a holistic approach. You need to understand how artificial intelligence can drive business outcomes. But just as crucially, you need to reimagine processes, foster adoption, and develop the right capabilities, roles, andgovernance. We help companies pull all these levers, so they can deploy AI at scale—and scale up the value, too.

Our research shows that fully embedded AI is one of the key attributes shared byfuture-built companiesexcel在金融和非金融沉降问题res. We unleash the power of AI by building an organization around it. Getting the roles, responsibilities, and culture right is just as important as perfecting the algorithms. As generative AI democratizes artificial intelligence—enabling companies without a deep bench of data scientists to use and benefit from the technology—this end-to-end approach will be crucial to gaining a competitive edge.

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Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence and AI at Scale

每一个人工智能的旅程是不同的: each one is shaped around an organization’s starting point, circumstances, and goals. But a single thread connects the pioneers of AI at scale. They typically dedicate 10% of their AI effort to algorithms, 20% to data and technological backbone, and 70%—the lion’s share—to business and people transformation. We call this the 10/20/70 rule, and it’s at the heart of our approach to AI. By redefining human–AI interaction, we unlock the full potential of AI in business.

Our approach emphasizes value and enablement. The idea is to imbue tools like generative AI in business strategy as well as in the business itself. If you want a transformative impact from AI—not an incremental one—you need to redesign processes and foster adoption. And you need to think about these things from the very start, as you develop your AI solutions. We orchestrate these levers so they support and enhance each other—and drive AI at scale.

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  • BCG was named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment.The report noted, “BCG combines functional and industry expertise, technology expertise, Responsible AI framework, and its technology build and design unit, BCG X, to deliver AI services to clients as part of holistic business transformation consulting engagements.”
  • BCG was named a leader in AI service providers in Q4 2022in The Forrester Wave™: AI Service Providers, Q4 2022.Forrester reported, “BCG has long been known for its strategy consulting capabilities. Now it has built a world-class AI capability to prove that what it calls ‘bionic companies’ (companies combining human knowledge and AI) are outperforming competition. BCG has over 7,000 data science and advanced AI practitioners to help clients. It demonstrates AI strategy leadership with its vision (an emphasis on C-suite alignment and accountability as well as agile funding), market approach, and talent strategy.”

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What Does AI Mean for All of Us?

Tools like generative AI could work wonders for individuals, businesses, and society. But that bright future depends on our ability to develop AI responsibly now.

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